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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Allen Peak

Today, I woke in the trunk of my CRV at the trailhead to headlights at 6:00am. I could see my breath, and dew covered branches everywhere I looked. The parking lot was full already. Allen Mountain was in my sights - a 19.8-mile. Though, the nimbus clouds would obscure any views today. Allen Peak is the Owl’s Head of the Adirondacks. Like the latter, Allen is nearly flat for 7 miles before sharply climbing nearly 3,000 feet - a long slog to minimal views. It’s everyone’s least favorite Peak.  The rotting fallen leaves and bright foliage beyond the clouds was memorable. I love this time of year. My favorite part of this hike was seeing sporadic leviathan virgin white pines peaking high above mature hardwoods far into the valley.