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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Northern Presi Night Hike

This weekend, Dane and I traded the Hut to Hut traverse for 52 with a view peaks to beat the rain. By the end of day Thursday, we got Potash Mountain under our belts. After a beer at Black Mountain Burger in Lincoln NH, we checked the weather for Friday night into Saturday and saw that a big day-long storm would pass around 7pm. So we planned to do a Presidential Range Traverse night hike. My friend Kate asked to join too. We met at 10pm and entered the woods at 11pm. What was supposed to be cloudy weather and high wind gusts turned out to be clear skies, mild temps and little wind. We nearly had the range to ourselves. It’s incredibly rare to have such nice conditions up there, and I’m so glad I shared it with good company! We only made it to Mt. Washington because I promised my uncle and cousin I’d meet them at 11 for another hike. Great trip!