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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Colvin, Blake, & Indian Head

 After five consecutive days hiking mountains totaling 49.4 miles and 14,518 ft in elevation, I took my time getting up this morning. I was sore to say the least. I woke up in the parking lot of a trailhead in Keene. After making tea and eating breakfast, I drove to Huberts trailhead. There were only a few cars in the lot by the time I made my way up the trail. I first hit Indian Head lookout, then Colvin and Blake. Blake was really tough with a near vertical incline and fresh snow. I climbed the last stretch on my hands and knees. I saw a pair of deer. It’s the first time I’ve seen deer here- they are smaller in stature but heftier. They almost look like a subspecies. Along the trail, I noticed some very large hemlocks and scattered old growth sugar maple and yellow birch. I really huffed it on this hike for a good workout.