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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Catawba Triple Crown

I took a quick adventure to Roanoke Virginia to find dry trail. I ran the Catawba Triple Crown along one of the most iconic sections of the Appalachian Trail, which traverses Dragon’s Tooth, McAfee Knob, & Tinkers Cliffs and circumvents the town of Catawba. The route is 35 miles with over 7,000ft in elevation gain. I got it done in just over 9 hours.

I love the geology here; 300 million year old orthoquartzite sandstone of the Tuscarora formation that makes up the “ridge & valley” province shaped by a mountain building event some 100 million years ago. I ran by Virginia pines, table mountain pines, southern red oak and chinquapin oak. Lots of wildlife, too. A good way see spring early.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Pemigewasset Loop FKT

Right before Christmas, I set out to attempt my first full winter Pemigewasset Loop (Pemi) and left with the unsupported @fastestknowntime, shaving off over 5 hours from the record!

I’ve long had a tremendous amount of respect & appreciation for the danger, spirit and beauty of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. Being a 36-year old relatively new runner, I’m excited to sneak onto the board for a premier trail I care so much about during a time when records are getting thinner by the day in the White Mountains. I approached this effort at a moderate and safe pace with the intent to push myself, stay healthy, take the record and leave the door open for others.

I hope my effort inspires someone to break my record ASAP and to have a similar experience. A big shoutout to all the folks who sent me supportive messages over the course of the day. You kept me going!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Van Build

In the past 3 months, I’ve moved states, changed jobs, sold my car, bought a van and converted it. Whew…

I’ve missed working with my hands and using my right-sided brain. Carpentry is an art & a science, & so fulfilling. I designed it with simplicity in mind & used wood from all my favorite places - it feels like the northeast in there.

Thank you to everybody who lent a hand, gifted me wood, shared expertise and provided a work space (gramma). Time to explore


Insulated subfloor, sound deadener, ventilated bed frame & two ceiling fans

Custom cabinets and framing

Custom drawers

Custom butcher block from island gifted oak

Pre-wiring (AC & DC) & insulation

Oak laminate floor & induction cooktop

400 watts of off grid solar

Electrical system - 200ah lithium batteries, inverter & charge controller

Sliding window, fridge, sink, faucet & cedar walls

Monday, November 6, 2023

Paumanok Trail Ultra

This weekend, I set out to run the 125-mile Paumanok Path. The self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) was set in 2017 by Tom Dee, which broken by Justin Kousky’s unsupported attempt. However, Tom Dee’s record is the goal I set for myself. The “Self-supported” style allows you to put supplies along the route, but no one can assist on race day. The day before the race, I dropped 12 bags of nutrition. I had a friend follow me 1.5 hours to Montauk to park my van, and bring me to the beginning. Once I set out that morning, I would be completely on my own.

Although it would’ve been cool to reach my goal, it wasn’t my main goal. The effort was a little over 35 hours of (almost) non-stop moving and, of course, I missed the goal by just a bit despite an all-out sprint at the end haha. I say “almost non-stop moving” because around mile 28, I was forced to take an emergency 2-hour break as animals had eaten the food in my first drop bag 20 miles back, causing me to bonk. Fortunately, my body recovered with rest and I was able to continue and finish strong. Having never set foot on the long meandering trail, I’m proud of the effort and - like anything else - life’s about the process not the end.

Truly, this trail is one of the most incredible trail systems I’ve encountered. It showcases the diverse ecology and beauty of Long Island. It passes through several towns and seamlessly stitches together dozens of state parks, preserves and tribal lands. It passes by my office, the farm I live on, and the land I protect. It’s a wonder why Paumanok Trail isn’t better known. 

Another memorable adventure in the books. I feel as though I’ve gotten to know my new home a lil better.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Ghost Train Ultra Trail Race (1st Place)

A great time at the Ghost Train Trail Race with good people pushing our limits & supporting each other. Dane earned his first 100-mile belt buckle; Kayla ran 45 miles - 14 more than her PR; Summer battled injury to complete her first trail race - 15 miles! Dane put together an amazing crew that helped take care of me, and a visit from my uncle Paul & cousin Max lifted my spirits. Was great to see us all train so hard for our goals this year and stick to it. 

I ran 115 miles in preparation for the Cocodona 250 miler in Arizona on my birthday (May). The race director told me that only 5 people had ever run 115 miles on the 30-hour course, which is pretty cool. As a result, I was surprised to find out the next morning that I had earned first place by way of endurance out of 374 runners. A cool bonus to a great weekend, but those are just meaningless numbers. I always enjoy the opportunity to go inward & hangout deep in the well, and to share such memorable experiences with my people. #staytrue 


Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Ultra Training in the White Mountains

Mountains and body; two temples where less is more. The first couple days always hurt. Lactic acid builds and I wake up sore. By day three, the stress and cravings begin to melt off. I sweat out the toxins and forget about work. My skin rejoices and my cardio vascular system begins to work better. My breaths get deeper. My muscles strengthen & posture straightens; dopamine releases, and my metabolism kicks into a higher gear. I forget about junk food; rather, I crave only what is good for my body - smaller portions of simple, healthy foods and more water. By the end of the week, my whole system feels balanced and efficient. Brain fog turns into clarity and I’m full of energy. Companies are so good at selling us things in excess that don’t work as well. Gym memberships, meditation apps, supplements, new diets, medicine and self-help books. The mountains are free, and our bodies provide everything we need. 

Last week, I took a nice trip up to the white mountains to car camp and train after a busy year. Alpine wildflowers were ablaze amongst a chorus of migrating bird songs including Bicknell’s and Grey-cheeked Thrushes, several vireos and a host of warblers. The rivers provided the perfect natural cold plunges for recovery. And I feel 5-years younger. You should try a dose sometime - I highly recommend!

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Maine’s Bold Coast

 Less is more in Downeast Maine, where Dirigo (Latin for “I Lead”) is the state motto - a testament to the rugged individualism that runs deep there. For the first week of spring vacation, I built a bed in my SUV and ventured north to explore the Bold Coast up close. Lots of new plants and birds, geology, clamming, lobsters, ancient petroglyphs, jasper beaches, kayaking, hiking & blueberry pancakes right before the big rush of seasonal travelers. I love the minimalistic spirit of Downeast. Simple beauty in all directions. “It’s the way life should be,” as they say in the Pine state - I’d have to agree.