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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Ultra Training in the White Mountains

Mountains and body; two temples where less is more. The first couple days always hurt. Lactic acid builds and I wake up sore. By day three, the stress and cravings begin to melt off. I sweat out the toxins and forget about work. My skin rejoices and my cardio vascular system begins to work better. My breaths get deeper. My muscles strengthen & posture straightens; dopamine releases, and my metabolism kicks into a higher gear. I forget about junk food; rather, I crave only what is good for my body - smaller portions of simple, healthy foods and more water. By the end of the week, my whole system feels balanced and efficient. Brain fog turns into clarity and I’m full of energy. Companies are so good at selling us things in excess that don’t work as well. Gym memberships, meditation apps, supplements, new diets, medicine and self-help books. The mountains are free, and our bodies provide everything we need. 

Last week, I took a nice trip up to the white mountains to car camp and train after a busy year. Alpine wildflowers were ablaze amongst a chorus of migrating bird songs including Bicknell’s and Grey-cheeked Thrushes, several vireos and a host of warblers. The rivers provided the perfect natural cold plunges for recovery. And I feel 5-years younger. You should try a dose sometime - I highly recommend!