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Friday, February 19, 2021

Catskills - Slide Mountain

 This morning, I woke up in the trunk of my CR-V at the Slide mountain trailhead. Single digit temps and 6-inches of fresh snowfall was no match for my memory foam mattress, sleeping bag, and Sergo heat candle - I may never rent a hotel room again! I’m here in the Catskills to chip away at the Northeast 115 4,000 footers. This morning, I threw on my snowshoes and broke trail up Slide Mountain where I passed some old growth hemlock, black cherry and spruce-fir. To my surprise, the Catskills have many acres of virgin forest. Tomorrow, I’ll go north to hit Hunter mountain before finishing up the Adirondacks 46 and Northeast 115 this weekend. Those who know me know I love the northeast and its mountains. No mountain range is complete without sleepy, quirky mountain towns. Passing through these towns and helmets are like going through time. On this trip, I’ve added a new one to my list - Woodstock - which the famous festival was named after. Far out, dudes!