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Sunday, March 20, 2022

A 50k (31-mile) Nature Run

Today I ran my first 50k (31 miles) on pavement self-supported with a 11:35/mi pace. I had intended to do a marathon, but stashed a bag of treats (food, water, Advil, spare socks & shoes) at the 26.2 mark just in case I was feelin it. Turned out I was feelin it.

Along the way, I saw some harbingers of spring including my first overbird (a migratory neotropical song bird), the gorgeous itsy bitsy magenta female flowers of American hazelnut, bursting oak buds and more. The grackles are back, and so are the snowdrops and crocus blooms. I found an old aqua blue power-line insulator embossed with the date 1884 and a $10 bill to boot, which I later used at the Orange Peel Bakery to fill up - a local gem. I couldn’t have picked a better day to push toward a tough goal. The temperature stayed in the low 50’s with nearly constant light fog and calm winds. 

Days like this fill me with gratitude for living in such a naturally abundant and beautiful place. I hope to spend more time on island this year (and away from the mountains) to embark on fun and creative adventures which I look forward to sharing with you. Cheers